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About FEJM

The stage school Fejm started in 1984 and has since worked for Botkyrka's children and young people's right to culture. At Fejm you meet kids who have the same interests as you and together we make a fun and creative environment.

FEJM is a production-oriented stage school that works to develop your talent with the ultimate goal of being on stage. You get to know early on what it is like to be part of a real production - from idea to premiere. We put on at least 1 show every year per age group.


You get to develop your musicality, hearing & voice technique. We also work with text interpretation & improvisation. During the lessons we start from solo singing but we also work with group singing & vocal singing. You get to try different genres such as pop, rock, soul, musical.


We work with musicality, technology and choreography. You get to work with expression in your body and to find your own movement pattern, you also get to create dance individually and in groups. We focus on modern dance & try different genres; modern, street & jazz.


In our acting courses, you get to work with finished scripts & your own creativity. You get to work with your expression on stage, text interpretation, driving forces, improvisation and character creation.


Dance play is based on playfulness and joy of movement. Through various exercises and dance games, we exercis coordination and musicality.

to acting, song and dance

An exciting introduction to three aesthetic subjects. We alternate song, dance and theater during a 45-minute session, the children get to test different forms of expression.

For those of you who live in Botkyrka, our courses cost only SEK 500 per semester and subject. If you live outside Botkyrka municipality, it costs SEK 800 per semester and subject.


A semester consists of at least 12 lessons, one per week. We have breaks on school holidays.


Once you have a place with us, you keep it until you cancel it.

You will be liable for payment after three meetings, regardless of whether you attended or not.

Therefore, make sure to unsubscribe if you do not want your spot as soon as you receive an invoice.

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